Jeff and Janis

Greetings to fans and friends!

We are Jeff Winter and Janis Fine known professionally as “Jeff and Janis”, and have performed together over twenty years!

We are a Chicago based musical duo who perform at many functions including group and organizational events, festivals, special family occasions, fund raisers, educational programs for adult learning, and more. We have appeared on WFMT’s Folkstage, Chicago City Winery, libraries, festivals, and countless venues near and far.

Using acoustic instruments and vocal harmonies, we present showtunes, standards, 60’s, folk, and special songs in multiple languages including: Italian, Yiddish, Hebrew, Spanish and more.  Flyers below include a selection of themed musical presentations designed to inform, entertain, and engage.

We hope you will consider inviting us to be part of your next special event. Contact Jeff at

Files below include a selection Jeff and Janis


“Jeff and Janis are one of the most delightful and entertaining musical teams I’ve seen in many, many years.”

— Rick Kogan, WGN, Chicago Tribune


We had Jeff and Janet perform “That ‘Toddlin’ Town” for our patrons at the Algonquin Area Library and had a wonderful turnout and experience. Everyone loved their charm and talent. Highly recommended!

— Kelly Kuningas, Adult Services Librarian


“Jeff and Janis recently performed for our Congregation. They brought a glorious wave of peace and comfort through igniting our collective memories with Jewish music that touched our hearts. In a time of darkness and unrest, Jeff and Janis brought light and hope. They used their infectious talent to combine tradition, pride and music that cause us all to remember who we are!”

— Rabbi Jenny Steinberg-Martinez, JD CHT, Lead Rabbi, Joliet Jewish Congregatio


““Outstanding performance filled with joy, passion, and pride. Beautiful performance! They are extraordinarily talented.”

— Joyce R.


““I loved the show. Hearing these favorite tunes is something rare these days — What a gift! Thank you.”

— Gina S.


“Jeff and Janis’s beautiful voices entertained us with a heart-warming program including nostalgic songs from Fiddler On The Roof, Carol King and many others from our childhood. I would highly recommend hiring Jeff and Janis for your function- you will not be disappointed!”

— Janet Stone, President Joliet Jewish Congregation


“What fantastic voices! You have to hear them for yourselves.”

— Naomi B.


““This was a wonderful combination of Hebrew and American songs. Uplifting and positive.”

— Gideon F.


“We loved their energy and passion. Folk music never sounded better.”

— Lisa and Scott G.

Jeff and Janis


“I just want to say THANK YOU … THANK YOU … THANK YOU … for a most delightful performance today. I can’t think of a better time I’ve had in all the years I have known you two. I got nothing but praise from everyone.” 

— Ken K, Ezra Habonim-Niles Township Jewish Congregation


“I came with a heavy heart but floated out after the program with a feeling of pure joy. The performance was meaningful and enjoyable.”

— Sandy M.



“A magnificent walk down a diverse memory lane where Tin Pan Alley meets Pop and Folk and a swirl of spirited dance songs. A wonderful winding through time.”

— Marilyn A.


“Great production and a rousing presentation.”

— Joan N.


“A fantastic blend of voice and joy of sound!

— Bob G.


“What a joy to learn and listen!.”

— Carol S.



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